Lao Tzu once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” While this particular journey cannot be measured in miles, it will certainly be long and sometimes arduous. But in the end, should one ever come, it will be very rewarding.

Melodrama aside, this blog will be a virtual journal of knowledge, learning, trivia, and a splash of everything in between. As a proud Ravenclaw and Jeopardy nerd, I have always been very open about my love of knowledge and learning. Now that I am working my way toward a career in teaching on the collegiate level, I figured it was as good a time as any to share in that knowledge and provide a more substantial form of proof of that love.

This particular project was inspired, in part, by a wonderful project that one of my own professors assigned in a Renaissance history course. Over the course of the semester, we were tasked with keeping a Commonplace Book, a book wherein we would write bits of knowledge, quotes, graphs, etc. It was based on the more famous versions kept by some of the world’s greatest minds such as author Lewis Carroll and scientist Caroline Herschel.

My approach to this project will differ from the assertions laid down by philosopher John Locke in his 1706 book A New Method of Making Commonplace-Books. There-in, he declared that “commonplace books, it must be stressed, are not journals, which are chronological and introspective.” With much revered regard to Mr. Locke, I disagree. While commonplace books can very much be impersonal and strictly fact-filled, I believe that the decision rests with the creator of the commonplace book (or blog). Our individual knowledge is what makes us so unique. No two people know exactly the same things. But it is also our experiences, our values, and our personalities that can give life to the knowledge we gain. Our personal lives shape how we learn, receive, and pass on this knowledge. Who we are makes all the difference. More to the point, nobody would want to read this blog if it were just list after list of bullet points of information. So, many apologies Mr. Locke, but this blog will get a little personal. It will be uniquely mine. Hope you don’t mind too much.

My friends, I thank you in advance for joining me on this journey and I hope, along the way, that I can teach you something (or several things) new. Even more so, I hope that I can stimulate or even broaden your own love (or even quiet interest) in learning. If there is ever a topic you would be interested in seeing me discuss or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Also, be sure to explore the different resources I provide across the different pages. Be patient with the expansion of the blog and check back often for any changes and updates!

Much love.




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