So on June 8th of this year, I am signed up to take the GRE so I can finally go to grad school and begin my journey toward my dream of becoming a college Lit professor. I graduated with my Bachelors in English Writing and Publication in December of 2013 but it has since been a long road of self-discovery to get to where I am. When I finally realized a little over a year and a half ago what it was I wanted to truly do with my life (after a lot of “what if” and “well maybe” and “maybe I should just settle”) I knew it was going to be an even more difficult road to grad school. Most of that difficulty lies in the GRE. It has been 10 years since I last took a math course of any sort and now I have to relearn (self-teach!) everything I have long-since forgotten. Fractions. Graphs. Geometric patterns. It’s all foreign to me because I went so long without using more than rudimentary math (and my cell’s calculator app).

Last week I took a diagnostic test from the 2018 McGraw-Hill study book (one of about 10 study guides that I now have) and my approximate score is 312 out of a possible 340. This is not counting the written portion because it graded on a different scale and I didn’t have anyone to grade it for me. While 312/340 isn’t BAD, it’s not where I want to be. I have begun making flash cards and one of my very best friends is a big fan of math (her only negative trait – jk Dani, it makes you my personal hero) and has offered her skills.

Every-so-often I’ll update with how my progress is going. If anyone happens to read this and has any tips or is in the same boat, let me know!

Until then — wish me luck!


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