Unlike many of the contestants on the trivia show juggernaut, I don’t exactly remember when I started watching Jeopardy. Most days, it just feels like I have always been watching. While my mom was never real a big trivia fan, Jeopardy was something I often watched with my grandparents and it quickly blossomed into a full love for trivia.

I remember going on trips with my grandparents and instead of playing “I Spy” or the license plate game, I would beg them to ask me trivia questions. And not just questions like “what sound does a duck make” but things like “What are the historical names of Turkey’s capital, Istanbul?”* I loved brain teasers, riddles, crossword puzzles, trivia, and mental challenges. As I grew older, so grew my passion for mental games, with trivia at the forefront. Any chance I get to exercise my love for trivia is jumped upon with probably-excessive excitement.

It goes without saying that it has also been a dream of mine to compete on Jeopardy. Unfortunately, self-confidence and anxiety has impeded that dream for a majority fo my life. After mentioning Jeopardy to my therapist several times, however, she has suggested that perhaps 2019 is the year for me. My goal is to audition by the end of the year. That means I’ll be doing a lot of studying and, by extension, sharing much of what I learn on the blog. I hope any readers I have enjoy sharing in the journey.

I would like to add: when I first began this post, Alex Trebek had not yet announced his recent diagnosis of Stage IV Pancreatic cancer. I’m devastated to say the lease and my thoughts and heart go to him and his family. He has been a presence in my life for such a long time and I hope that there are several more years to add to that. Best wishes, Mr. Trebek.

*Byzantium and Constatinople


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